Reminders for Recreationists

As winter snows melt from the lower elevations and wildflowers begin to bloom this spring, unfortunately, many stunning wildlife viewing opportunities will be hindered by images of trash, left behind by careless individuals.

Warmer weather will continue to draw more people outside to enjoy beauty, along the Great Western Trail, but recreationists are being reminded to avoid littering this magnificent landscape. Trash currently plagues all recreational areas throughout the nation, including streams, reservoirs, hiking trails, campgrounds, and vehicle pullout areas.

Bob Walters, Watchable Wildlife Program Coordinator for Utah's Divison of Wildlife Resources, reports frustration as he viewed trash surrounding the magnificent ospreys, he recently viewed in northern Utah. He reported, "It was disheartening to see this trail of garbage that people had left behind."

The Division of Wildlife Resources encourages all outdoor users to care for the environment and remember that the trash they leave behind will lessen the outdoor experience of others.

The following tips were provided by Walters to improve recreational experiences for everyone:

1) Be responsible for your litter and the litter of those in your group. Bring enough garbage bags to pack out all the trash that will result from your trip.

2) Encourage, through your example, other outdoor users to act in a responsible manner.

3)Bring an extra garbage bag and pack out trash left by others. Leave the area better than you found it.

4)When visiting areas with garbage cans, make sure the container's lid is tightly closed after depositing your trash. Some trash, found in campgrounds and other areas, came from garbage that was properly disposed of, but was later blown out by the wind.

5) Report vandalism to 1-800-662-3337.