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Backcountry Utah would like to thank all the event sponsors, including Magellan and Ramada Express for their hospitality at this event.



Roger B. and Kent Mayberry representing KALL 910 and Outdoor Utah Today raced alongside the Backcountry Utah team, including Ed Quinlan, Gerry Duffin, Rebecca Brinkerhoff, Sterling Brinkerhoff, and Brian Brinkerhoff.


Participants had an opportunity to experience a fascinating corner of Nevada along with plenty of fun.

Two Stations compete in Adventure Rally

By Brian Brinkerhoff

Armed with Sport Trak Map GPS receivers, hosts from Salt Lake's longest running outdoor radio shows competed for cash and prizes in the Jaos
Adventure Rally, sponsored by Magellan and Ramada Express. Roger B and Kent Maybury of Outdoor Utah Today raced through the deserts alongside the Backcountry Utah Radio team, consisting of Ed Quinlan, Gerry Duffin, Rebecca, Sterling, and Brian Brinkerhoff.

This family-friendly adventure rally, open to anyone with a sense of adventure, takes participants through old mining camps of Oatman and
Chloride, Arizona, races through dusty winding backroads, and leads participants through Joshua tree forests. In addition, it features a lunch
on the Western Rim of the Grand Canyon, hosted by the Hualapai Indian Nation, and completes the trek along famous Route 66 before returning to
Laughlin, Nevada.

Rules of the game are simple- Use the provided GPS receivers to locate more than 45 locations along a 250-mile route and answer questions about
featured areas. One leg of the rally is a time-speed-distance section, where participants must drive an average of 30 miles per hour over a
designated route. Penalty points are assigned for every second drivers deviate from a calculated perfect time at unknown checkpoints along the
way. Penalties are also incurred for wrong answers or those who do not arrive at certain checkpoints.

Ed Quinlan, driver of the Camp Chef Party Van, commented, "I was really stressing out on that timed section. We had several people pass us and had
a tough time catching up, after several tight switchbacks, but we finished about 10 seconds off the perfect time."

Another leg of the rally consists of a treasure hunt, where each team searches for "hidden treasure," using the GPS receiver and a treasure map.
A poker draw requires participants to draw cards at various checkpoints, with the winning hand picking up additional prizes at the end of the trip.

All legal roadworthy vehicles are allowed to participate, but 4-wheel drive is recommended, since muddy roads and snow may pose a problem.
Vehicles this year ranged from to a Ford F150 4X4 Pickup to a 2002 Mini Cooper. Quinlan remarked, "We had a lot of people give us a bad time
about driving the 12 person van, but it handled great in the rally and our scores reflect that."

Roger B. of Outdoor Utah Today commented, "This is a great family adventure, where members can work together in exploring new areas." Quinlan reported, "For anyone, who wants to get into the world of GPS, this is a great way to do it. You get a free GPS as part of the registration and you have all this fun on top of it. You get exposed to GPS, have a great education, and have a blast doing it all."

For every team the biggest highlight awaited on the Hualapai Indian Nation. Quinlan noted, "The Grand Canyon was absolutely gorgeous and
picturesque. As we drove onto the Hualapai Indian reservation, there is probably 20 feet of dirt on both sides of the road, which then drops off
hundreds of feet straight down." Eryka Jackson, of Team Magellan, added, "The Grand Canyon was incredible. That stop alone made it all
worthwhile." Kent Mayberry summarized, "The views have been spectacular. It has been a great day out here and a lot of fun."

Although the Grand Canyon was probably the favorite stop along the way, other notable areas included Chloride, Arizona, where old west gunfights
ruled the streets. Roger shared, "We were warned to beware of rustlers and bad guys. As we entered the town of Chloride, this woman starts yelling at
me, telling me that I stole her cow. We were both pulled out of the truck and she begins horsewhipping us. The next thing we know, we are marrying a
couple of the local women in a shotgun wedding." Eryka added her experience, "I actually had an opportunity to be in a gunfight and now
have photos to prove it."

The biggest single problem during the competition resulted from placing wrong waypoint numbers in the GPS. A single wrong digit can send a team
hundreds of miles off course. The winning team, consisting of Beau Ambur from San Francisco and Erik Lyden from Seattle Washington, made a
significant detour, resulting from this exact problem. Beau explained, "Our favorite part was a hundred mile detour through the desert, after
punching in the wrong coordinates." In the timed section, however, this team was only two seconds off the perfect time. Amelia Edgar Slawsby, with
Team Magellan reported similar difficulties, "I recommend that you have someone check to ensure that you input the coordinates correctly. We had
to stop a few times to re-enter the waypoints to know where we were going. The rally is all about having a good navigator, a good team, and have a
good sense of fun with it. If you make a mistake, pull over, correct it, and move on to the next stop."

Although Utah's rival radio stations competed for the honor of being first, the real reward was the adventure of discovering this fascinating
corner of Nevada. This journey is full of spectacular vistas, adrenaline rushes, and historical stopping points. The Jaos Adventure Rally is an
opportunity to have fun with friends and family in discovering new places and learning how to use GPS. Eryka summarized, "Americans from across the
country come together to participate. It is a great trip to drive through this beautiful country of ours, which is truly breathtaking. You really
have to stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon and experience it. This is fast clean fun where we can test new technology, build new friends, and
build strong relationships that last a lifetime. It is all about discovering America and getting back home safely."

Winter temperatures are very mild, offering a great winter destination for Utah's snowbirds, seeking adventures just outside the borders of the
Beehive State. Gerry Duffin, of the Backcountry Utah Team, suggested to future contestants, "This is definitely an experience of a lifetime.
Bring plenty of film for your camera."

Visitors are reminded to drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated, as the air is very dry. For more information, contact American Rally Sport Group
Inc. 3650 South Pointe Circle, Suite 205, Laughlin, Nevada 89029. They can be reached by phone at (702) 298-8171 or on their website at
http://www.rallyusa.com/. For lodging information, visit http://www.ramadaexpress.com


Wanted Posters were found everywhere, including Gas Stations, Points along the Route, Roger's Shower, and at the Finish Line.


The Jaos Adventure Rally is an adventure of a lifetime, with Utah's Leading Outdoor Radio Hosts competing for prizes and cash.

Kent and Roger were ready to go at the Starting Line.

The Camp Chef Party Van was ready to run the event.

Members of the Backcountry Utah Team in a Oatman.

Oatman,Arizona is a historic Mining town where Burros wander the Streets today.

The Streets of Oatman. Mine Tours are available at www.goldroadmine.com/

Interesting local art

Gerry and Ed are working hard in Chloride, Arizona

The Western Rim of the Grand Canyon

Ed and Gerry at the Grand Canyon

Rebecca, Sterling and Ed at the Grand Canyon

Rebecca, Sterling, and Brian at the Grand Canyon

Live Broadcast from the Ramada Express

The Ramada Express

Gerry's 100 Geocaching Cache

Flower Children

Entry List for 2002 Adventure Rally

Car #-------Driver--------------------- Co-Driver-------------------------Vehicle------------------------Team Name
101------- William Wagner--------- Branden Ushijima --------------2002 Subaru Impreza -----WRX Team Mongo Motorsports (I-Club member)
102-------- Steve Curts------------ Treena Curts------------------- 2000 Izusu Trooper-------- Blizzard Wizard Team
103-------- Rick McKinnie--------- Roberta McKinnie------------- 1991 Toyota Tacoma------ Dogbreath
104-------- Fulton Wright Jr-------- Warren Parkes----------------- 2002 Subaru Impreza----- WRX Photographix Rex
105-------- Guy Varcados---------- Cody Varcados----------------2002 Ford F-150 4X4---- Team V
106-------- Joe Newton------------- Virginia Newton--------------- 2002 Toyota Sequoia------ Rock Dodgers
107-------- Louis Bintz-------------- Dot Bintz----------------------1995 Jeep Cherokee
108-------- Brian Chuchua---------- Kerstin Chuchua---------------Jeep----------------------- Brian Chuchua's Jeep & Son's
109-------- Barbara Thomas-------- Bill Thomas--------------------1999 Buick Regal
110-------- Stephen Kuehl---------- Julie Kuehl---------------------2002 Toyota Sequoia------ Kuehl Runnings
111-------- David Wilhelmy--------- Susan Acayan-----------------2002 Subaru-------------- WRX (I-Club member)
112-------- Eugene Wong----------- Felix Wong--------------------2002 Mini Cooper--------- DoubleTake Rallysport (I-Club member)
113-------- Erik Lyden-------------- Beau Ambur-------------------1999 Subaru Legacy------- ( I-Club member)
114-------- William Macfarlane------ Linda Kroger------------------2002 Jeep Liberty---------- TBS Florida
115-------- Stephen Moretz--------- Janie Moretz-------------------Toyota Tacoma------------ Team Splash
116--------Gregory Carr-------------Priscilla Hansen--------------- Chevy Blazer--------------- Magellan's Ultimate Road Trip Contest Winner
117-------- Walter Chen------------ Shuharn Yang----------------- Subaru Forester------------ (I-Club member)
118------- Charles (Buzz) Mantle--- Patrick Montgomery---------- Nissan Pathfinder------------ Rally Time
119------- Eli Gilbert--------------- Daniel Whittaker-------------- Subaru 2.5 RS-------------- Empire Racing (I-Club member)
120--------Dan Swiney------------ Jason Koch-------------------- Subaru WRX Wagon------- (I-Club member)
121------- Stevan Arychuk-------- Kristin Cahill------------------- Impreza WRX-------------- The SF Straights (I-Club member)
122------- William Hofmann------- Vanessa Hofmann------------- Chevrolet Suburban--------- 4Seventeen Racing
123------- Benson Lam------------ Francis Monroy--------------- Subaru Forester------------- Team Boba Boys (I-Club member)
124------- Craig Hollingsworth---- William Visser----------------- Audi Quattro---------------- CTM Racing
125------- Frank Reed Jr.--------- Frank Reed Sr.---------------- Toyota Sequoia
126-------- RogerB--------------- Kent Mayberry---------------- Mazda B4000--------------- Outdoor Utah Today
127------- Gregory Smith--------- Rachel Smith------------------ Subaru Forester-------------- Kanga Crew (I-Club member)
128------- Edward Quinlan------- Brian Brinkerhoff-------------- Ford Econline---------------- Backcountry Utah / Camp Chef Party Van
129------- Allen Kwiatkowski---- Dianne Kwiatkowski---------- Ford Ranger------------------ BCMC Racing


"The 3rd Loser is Still a Winner in My Book"

It takes a lot of driving to prepare for a rally,
Whether you're in a Mazda, the Party Van or a Denali.

Salt Lake to Laughlin is filled with hours of fun,
But once arrived, the practice ain't done.

So off to hills we jaunt and we zip,
Searching for asses and llamas -- quite 'hip.'

With dinner on Orchid -- or is that Yokohama's bill?
I've never seen a kid -Sterling- sit ever so still.

No, there was no romance -- at least for the Backcountry crew,
But Roger and Kent made up for it -- plus a few.

They were wanted in Chloride, in Oatman & in the Indian tower,
And became missing in Laughlin - or was it in the shower?

Zipping here and dashing there,
Outdoor Utah Today hit the turnpins with flair.

Many sat back in awe at their grace and their ease,
And then stood to avoid the dust of the party van's breeze.

"Wave the victory flag," one called out.
And so barely onto the ramp we climbed for our clout.

A tie for fifth place -- what an unlikely end.
Then to lose in the card draw -- I see a new trend.

And a shocking surprise as Mr. M falls from his seat.
Shattered and shocked with the news of their feat.

Fourth place is announced and like hogs to a trough,
Our winners rush to drink their winner's broth.

And so, it is sad to say on a day full of fun,
That neither came home as the big number one.

But, If there was any team I'd want to lose to,
It would be to anyone but you two.

With all that's been said -- and the pokes and the smack,
I must admit that through all the flack

to our ONE second crew

Blessings on your head,
Eddie V.