Watch Out for the Wolpertinger!



Deep in the dark forests of southwestern Germany, lurks the dangerous Bavarian Wolpertinger. Hiding in the trees, these creatures wait for unsuspecting travelers and attack them.

They can only be captured with the help of a candle on a full moon night.








Travelers illegally transplanted some of these creatures to Utah, which, with careful observation, you may now find them running wild in the mountains.





Wolpertinger 1


This is the Bavarian Wolpertinger

It is commonly seen carrying a stick to hit unsuscpecting travelers after dark.

As you can see they often have horns, wings and dangerous claws, which makes them unpredictable and difficult to capture.






Wolpertinger 2


A good Wolpertinger Hunter always brings a candle and a sack and hunts on a Full Moon Night.






Wolpertinger 3


There are many varieties of Wolpertinger. How many can you see in this picture?






search 1


How many can you see in this photo?

Since they are nocturnal, you will only see them as evening approaches.






How many can you see in this picture?

Do you see it's eyes looking back at you?