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Backcountry Weather

Weather can change quickly in the Backcountry. Regularly featured on Western Life Radio, weather information is critical for recreationists, who play outside.

Provided are a few links to help you obtain the latest information before you head outdoors. Special Thanks to Kevin Eubank with KSL Channel 5 News for his efforts each and every week. Click here to access the KSL Channel 5 News Weather Website.


Current Conditions

Click here for the Salt Lake Website for the National Weather Service

Weather Underground Map

Sunrise/ Sunset Information

Check the Air Quality Here

Allergy Updates Await Here

UV Index

Road Conditions

KSL Weather Event Planner

Weather Center

Weather Radios and Weather Station Coverage


Drought Conditions

Climate Predication Center Drought Info

Utah Drought Index Map

Utah Snowpack Map

Utah Snow Water Equivelant Chart

Utah Reservoir Levels Map

Great Salt Lake Water Levels Chart


Fire Conditions

Fire Forecast

Current Fire Risks, Watches and Warnings

Active Wildires and Projects

Want to Be a Storm Spotter? Click Here
Online Storm Spotter Training


Earthquake Safety

Recent Earthquake Map and Preparedness Tips


Dark Skies

Stargazing Links

International Space Station Viewing


Looking for Weather Stations? See the latest from Acu-Rite

Hand Held Weather Stations are now Available! Click Here to see the latest from Kestrel!

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Aviation Weather

Paragliding Weather

Soaring Forecast


River Flow/ Lake Conditions

Streamflows/ River Flows and Recreational River Statement and Hydrometeorological Automated Data System

Colorado Basin River Conditions

KSL River Flow Tracker

Lakefront Conditions


Slot Canyons

Flash Flood Potential in the Slot Canyons


Winter Recreation and Snowpack

Ski Reports Available Here

Avalanche Forecast Center

Avalanche Forecast

Snowpack Conditions and Here




Wind Chill Chart and Information

Frost Dates

Weather Calculations-- Cricket Chirp Temperature Calculator

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