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Sheffield Manufacturing


Company Address:

165 East 2nd Street

Mineola, N.Y. 11501



Telephone: 1-800-457-0600

Utah Availability:

Gallensonís, Cal Ranch Stores, Sportsmanís Warehouse, Smith and Edwards, Lowes


Products tested:

# 12113 - Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife Product

# 12801 - 12-in-1 Multi Function Tool and Aluminum Flashlight Product Combination




Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife

Suggested Retail: $9.99



Quick Change Mechanism

Lightweight Aluminum Handle with Clip

Spring Blade Release

One Hand Opening Operation

Belt clip


Uses standard utility blades-easy to change


Positive blade lock

Easy to open with one hand

Comfortable to hold during use


While cutting material such as carpeting, the blade changing mechanism may catch and release; this could allow the blade to fall out.



I used this utility knife to cut outdoor carpet.It was comfortable to grip and didnít fatigue my hand during use. Replacing the blade was quick and simple.

The only problem I had was the with the blade release lock. The Stiffness of the carpet had a tendency to push open the quick release on the blade changing mechanism.



I highly recommend this tool.Keep one with your camping gear and one in your home tool box.I like the fact that blades can be changed quickly (carry spare utility blades) and there is never a need to bother with sharpening.††


Aluminum Flashlight with Case

Suggested Retail for the combination:$11.49


Computer designed reflector

Rotate head to focus light

One hand on/off switch

Requires 2 AA batteries (included)†††††††

Water and shock resistant aluminum body

Belt case included



Lightweight but solid construction

Easy to turn off and on with thumb switch

Octagon end piece keeps flashlight from rolling on a flat surface

Adjustable light focus by rotating head




Free case included.I was not impressed with the design of the case.It needs to be taller and fit the flashlight tighter so the flashlight wonít slip out.



Good lightweight light for camping or the tool box.It is a perfect size for every family member to have their own.It could be used for emergency preparedness, kept in your vehicles or to have around the house for power outages.


12-in-1 Multi Tool



Stainless Steel construction

Long nose pliers with wire cutter

Phillips head screwdriver

Small straight screwdriver

Can opener

Fish scaler/ruler/hook remover

Medium slotted screwdriver

Bottle opener/Large slotted screwdriver


Knife blade

Case included



Pliers are spring assisted so they stay open and seem to move freely.

Tools all have a thumbnail slot for easy opening



Tools donít have a positive lock in the open position

Handles are not very comfortable when applying pressure for the pliers




The price point is such that you could afford to have several.It could be kept in your fishing gear, around the house and in the car.Unlike some of the more expensive brands, if these were lost, you could easily afford to replace them.



I would like to see another larger Phillips screwdriver since there are three straight screwdrivers.(This is just a personal preference.) I have not tested every feature enough to comment on the quality of the steel but it does have a lifetime warranty.


If you are interested in these items or any other Sheffield Manufacturing products, check out the website listed above.


Gerry Duffin

Gear Review Specialist

Backcountry Radio Network